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The First Blog Of Tall Angel Portraits!

Updated: Mar 1

Welcome to the first blog of Tall Angel Portraits! Having been a newborn, child, and pregnancy photographer for the past 10 years I have come back to my heart - women! I have always loved photography and I love the innocence of photographing children but in my heart I have always wanted to photograph women! I love being a woman and I love having women friends surround me. And I have loved seeing the rise of women over the years, steadily growing in all fields of work. Steadily growing in themselves. Seeking support, seeking strength, seeking spirituality and understanding of themselves. But as far as we have come, the world is far from balanced for women. We are overworked, and taken for granted, and under nurtured most of the time. And so for me to be able to take part in empowering women makes me feel like I am contributing in some small way to this world. Never underestimate the power of an image, whether it be a prize winning journalistic photo like that of Kim Phuc Phan Thi or  Sharbat Gula or the image of YOU! How we feel powerful, how we change the world is by first empowering ourselves and it starts with the image of ourselves. It starts with visualization that we can be strong enough to change what we do not like whether it be in the world or in ourselves. I love watching a woman nervous and uninspired by herself look at an image, an image she barely knew existed of herself and watching her realize her potential. Beauty comes in every shape, size, color and look. I love it all, and I love to share my version of you! Photography can change perceptions. And I believe it's important to believe and love yourself and know you are beautiful! And you need to know this, not for anyone else but for yourself. You need to make yourself the most important person for yourself! And photographs are a great start! I would love, love, love to photograph you!

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