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The Experience

Hello and Welcome!

Tall Angel Portraits is dedicated to providing you with an

unforgettable, customized luxury photographic experience!

At Tall Angel Portraits we seek to empower and celebrate the uniqueness of YOU at all stages of your journey through life. Tall Angel Portraits is a women owned photography business that was grown out of love for fellow women who come baring their exhausted souls, their fears, who could use an affirmation that they can think of themselves first and be stronger for it. Think you aren't photogenic? Think again! Think you aren't pretty enough? Think again! Think you are too old? Think again! Think you are a size too big or a size too small? Think again! Think you don't deserve a fashion-inspired beauty shoot which puts you first? Think again! YOU deserve, in your ONE & ONLY LIFE, to think of YOU! So come! Seat yourself in our studio, we will give you the oxygen you need; breathe deep, feel the relaxation seep in as our make-up artist allows you to just be…come with all your layers of life, and be yourself again. Live, laugh, love, cry, jump and laugh some more. In front of our camera, we see the YOU you’ve forgotten existed…we see the vulnerability, and the strength. You can’t be a woman and not be strong. You can’t be a woman and not be beautiful. We see the beauty in every shade and shape, every crevasse and fold, every laugh line and wrinkle. Come put your feet up, relax, and live again. And then see YOU in photos you never thought could exist, come see the YOU we see…infinitely amazing! Come share the journey of empowerment! The more empowered women can become, the stronger this world will be! 



An initial consultation where we can get to know each other, and especially for us to know your vision for your photoshoot or to create the vision together! Some people know exactly what they want and others just know they want a beautiful experience!


Wardrobe Styling

From your initial consultation, we will have a second consultation where we review the outfits from your closet (and ours) that will enhance you and the vision we are creating. Multiple outfits will be worn!

makeup (1).png


Come naked! Your face at least! Our makeup artist will transform you elegantly whether we are going for a natural transformation or a full on glamour look!


The Photoshoot 

Today's the day when it all comes together! Bring your excitement and leave behind all fears, you will be safely guided through your photoshoot by Janette who knows how to pose you for the most exquisite results! Every face and every body is different and every one is beautiful!

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