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Phenomenal Woman

50 over 50

The Phenomenal Woman campaign is a campaign to empower women over 50, and to change societal stereotypical assumptions around women and age.

Phenomenal Woman Campaign

  • Consultation

  • Hair & Make-Up

  • Photo Shoot

  • One 8x10 fine art print (any additional prints you would like will be additional to the session fee)

  • Inclusion in the Phenomenal Woman magazine

  • Invitation to the Phenomenal Woman art exhibition at the end of 2024

Session fee $370

Celebrating Women


At Tall Angel Portraits, we celebrate women's timeless beauty and aim to capture the essence of who you are in your photographs. This project will showcase powerful and inspiring women (and anyone who is 50 or over is both powerful and inspiring!) who are 50, 60, 70 years and older. We believe that every ageless woman has a unique story, and our photographs capture those stories in a timeless and beautiful way. As we age we grow in strength through our struggles and through our joy. Our worth is not dependent on one thing, and our minds and faces are filled with the beauty and wonder of all we have seen.

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