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About the team

The Photographer

Janette James, principal photographer at Tall Angel Portraits, is an award-winning photographer. Her images have been shown in galleries across the United States. She is a lover of life and art. She loves to take photographs in black & white but because she sees life in a kaleidoscope of hues, the occasional color photograph will sneak in. She always knew she loved children and has three of her own. What came as a surprise is that she also seems to be a lover of animals. She is still not sure how it happened, but she is also mother to a menagerie of animals – cats, dogs, guinea pigs, chickens, birds, and she is still hopeful goats will be added to the mix one day! She has absolutely no sense of direction and will go left when she should go right (this seems to have been a metaphor for her life as well!), but she has an uncanny ability to “see” women. She can scan a face and know exactly what light will illuminate and accentuate the beauty that is radiating at her! She loves to show women what they have never seen in themselves before! Photographing women makes her life happy and joyful in a way no other “job” could, for her.

The Stylist

Emmy Award winning stylist Jovan Vitagliano is the face behind the face of many celebrities. When important people want to look fabulous in person, on TV, in feature films, on stage, on speaking tours and on book jackets, they work with Jovan because of her keen style sense, her make-up mastery and hip hair styling. 

Throughout Jovan’s career she has also worked with many photographers in fashion, headshots, and corporate photography as both a clothing stylist and hair and makeup expert.

She owned two salons in NYC and then specialized in hair and make-up in the entertainment industry. She is a very familiar face on many cable and network TV sets for news, talk shows and sitcoms, and on movie sets for feature films. For the theatre, you might see her in the dressing rooms on Broadway or in opera houses. She is the face behind the famous faces we see in person, in print, on "the big screen" and TV screens.

She is in the top of her field because she is on the cutting edge of trends, current techniques and the dizzying array of products on the market. She is a recognized expert who is asked to consult on articles about beauty and fashion. 

The Make-Up Artist

The Make-Up Artist! The wizards wielding their magic wands are indispensable! Our make-up artists are top professionals in their field. Our leading make-up artist, Candee Caldwell, has over 20 years of experience. She is in "The Knot" Hall of Fame, having won awards for her make-up artistry every year since 2015.

The Managing Director

Behind the scenes, Susan McGrath works tirelessly to co-ordinate it all. So much goes on behind the scenes! Emails, phone calls, co-ordinating the team, ordering the gorgeous prints, social media, campaigns, the list is endless!  

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