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The Art of Posing: How to Look Your Best in a Headshot Portrait Photograph

The art of posing can make all the difference between an ordinary photo and an extraordinary one, in the world of headshot portrait photography.

And now you are thinking well, great! Nothing makes me more self-conscious than stepping in front of a camera! And that’s why you need headshots from a professional who CARES about every photo that is taken. Here at Tall Angel Photography we GET you. We understand that even the most confident person can step in front of the camera and crumble. Suddenly you seem to grow two heads, five hands and three legs! Nothing coordinates like it should! In fact this is one of many reasons you put off getting those new headshot and business photographs you desperately need. No longer! Tall Angel Photography aims to photograph you in a way you never thought possible so you look confident and professional and at ease! You will have nothing to worry about except having a great time and learning to love photography sessions. In fact, you’ll be looking forward to your next photography shoot.

1.     Relax.

Okay this phrase does anything but make you feel relaxed and comfortable! LOL! We got you. We know what will make you feel relaxed. Music. Talk. Laughter. Nothing relaxes a person like laughter. From the moment you walk into our photography studio, our aim is to make you feel relaxed. What is your favorite music? We put it on. Loud? Soft? However you want it, you got it. Our make-up artist will let you sit, and take a load off. And you’ll naturally relax as all your worries are taken from you. You don’t have to be concerned about how you look, whether your make-up is too much or too little. Whether your hair is in place or frizzy. We got you! We take care of all that. And your clothing consultation before the shoot leaves you with nothing to think about other than relaxing. All this is why we say this is not your typical headshot!

2.     Finding your best angle

One of the things you don’t have to worry about when having your headshot taken is knowing how to pose or what your best angle is. One thing that separates the best photographs is their ability to look at every person as an individual. There is no “one size fits all” at Tall Angel Photography. The photography lighting is customized for you. During the consultation we find out what business you are in, and how you need to look to put your best business face forward. This determines the lighting, the backdrops and the clothes. Then we look at you and decide how you look best, what lighting is the most flattering. And then we pose you. You can just sit or stand and listen to our instructions and to the music. And the funny thing is, sometimes the weirdest angles, the least natural, are the most flattering in a photograph!

3.     Posture

As in life, how you carry yourself can make all the difference in how others see you and how you see yourself. Normally in life, we don’t see how we are posing unless our mother is looking over our shoulder and telling us to straighten up. And as annoying as she might be, she’s not wrong. When Sting was asked by Yoga Journal about his vision for growing older he replied, “I want to get old gracefully. I want to have good posture….” Good posture in life is important, it can lead to better health and better mood. In photography, it is even more important (well I guess your health is technically more important lol) but the posture you take can make you look taller or shorter, slimmer or wider, awkward or elegant. However, during your photography portrait session we act like your mother directing you all the time. Sit and enjoy taking a break on even thinking how to move!

4.     Hands, Eyes, Feet

It’s funny how a photo shoot makes you realize you even have any of these extremities and suddenly they seem so large and awkward and out of place. It can be frightening but no worries! We are here to make sure your hands and feet and even toes don’t look out of place in your photoshoot. Believe it or not a misplaced hand can ruin a photograph. But that won’t happen for you, cause at Tall Angel Portraits you are in good hands – sorry couldn’t stop that pun from sneaking in LOL! But seriously, we take YOU seriously, directing your hands, eyes, and feet so even they are at their most flattering!

Come and visit! We look forward to seeing all of you here at the studio – all eight arms, three legs and seven eyes.

Are you looking for a reliable photography studio offering top-notch headshot portrait photography in NYC or CT? Look no further than Tall Angel Portraits, we are a reputable and trusted photography studio that aims to celebrate individuality through stunning portraits. We offer a wide range of photography services, which you can learn more about by visiting our website

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